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Selecting Rudraksha

Selection of Rudraksha should be done primarily by purpose for which one wants to wear. For example, for controlling Blood pressure normally 5 mukhi is preferred, to reduce obstacles 8 mukhi is used etc. Various purpose to wear Rudraksha may include financial growth, career growth, good health, to remove obstacles, mental stability, meditation, protection from black magic etc. In many cases combination of Rudraksha is also chosen to attain desired results.

Rudraksha of different faces /mukhis are related to different deities, planets, nakshatra etc. Various Ancient Holy texts elaborate about description/benefits/effects of different Rudraksha.

Different beads have different effects and work on various different aspects and different chakra of the body, thereby affecting mental and physical results (affecting bio-electrical and electrical build-up of human body) due to their electro-magnetic, para-magnetic, inductive and divine properties.

Rudraksha comes from different origins and it is also a way to select Rudraksha. In different sections we have covered the differences owing to origin. Indonesian beads are of very small sizes and they miss the proper protrusions from their body. Indian beads are elongated on one side and miss the round and smooth shape as found in Nepalese beads. Beads from Nepal are large, round with deep and well-defined faces and are much sought after. Now days due to very high cost of Nepal Rudraksha, Indonesian beads are increasingly getting popular. Anyhow since long time Indonesian beads enjoy edge over Nepal beads in case of higher mukhi i.e. 14 to 21 Mukhi due to ease of availability and comparatively lower prices. One can even find higher mukhi Rudraksha for example 34 or 36 mukhi from Indonesia which is very rare to find in Nepal.

Selection by size is also important. Rudraksha of even size, lustrous, hard and thick and having many thorns like protrusions yield desires and bestow worldly pleasure and salvation forever. Mukhi /faces (deep grooves running from the top of the seed to its bottom) should be well defined and corns and contours be natural.

Shiva Purana says that Rudraksha of the size of an Amla fruit or emblic myrobalan are the best of all Rudraksha. One of the size of the fruit of the jujube tree (badariphala) is spoken of as the middling; the meanest of Rudraksha is of the size of a gram. Rudraksha of the size of the fruit of the jujube accords the benefit and heightens happiness and good fortune. That which is of the size of the emblic myrobabalan is conductive to the destruction of all distresses. That which is of the size of a gunja (the berry) is conducive to the achievement of the fruit of all desires. The smaller beads are useful in rosary as they are easy to wear, store and carry.

These healing Rudraksha beads act as dielectric - as a storage of electrical energy, making it capable in stabilizing and anchoring the Bioelectric current. This property is very helpful in controlling hyperactivity, palpitations of heart, streamlining heartbeat etc.

Due to stress when there is increased physical activity heart beats faster and the overall activity of hormones and nervous system increases. This causes increased energy levels or increase in potential difference. As a result of this the magnitude of the Bioelectric Current increases. Rudraksha beads acting as Dielectric store this excess Bioelectric Energy, thereby streamlining the overall activity to Normalcy. Large sized bead can adsorb more energy and preferred.

Beads that are pierced by insects, broken in parts, whose thorns are not clearly visible, with swells and holes and those that are coated over, these six varieties of Rudraksha should be avoided.

In case you want to buy Rudraksha combination, you can buy individual beads and give suitable instructions at time of checkout or email us. The beads shall be tied to thread after capping.

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