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Rudraksha Genuineness

Water Test

Any item including Rudraksha, having Specific gravity greater than 1 are denser than water and will sink in it. Those with a Specific gravity less than 1 are less dense than water and will float on it.

Rudraksha will both float and sink in water depending on how much moisture is trapped in the Bead. If the bead is dry due to dehydration and aging and do not have enough moisture, it will float on water inspite of being original. Once you wear them, over time as they absorb moisture and oil they start sinking. 

Due to heavy demand of Rudraksha, farmers pluck the rudraksha fruit from trees before maturity. This is more prominent in large sized beads as farmers hope to get higher mukhi like 13-21 Mukhi which they can sell at higher prices. Rudraksha Seeds tend to be lower in density if plucked before maturity. Hence these rudraksha float on water due to less density, though they are genuine provided they are not tempered by any other means. A ripen and matured Rudraksha usually sinks in water since it have a specific gravity higher than that of water.

Most of the Indonesian beads are small in size compared to beads from Nepal, have low density. This is true for even higher mukhi as well. So though they float on water, still they are powerful, result oriented and bless their wearer.

Alternately even a fake Rudraksha made out of wood and impregnated with lead will sink in water thereby giving a false impression of a real Rudraksha.

Hence water test is not reliable method to differentiate genuine and fake Rudraksha.

Coin Test
Rudraksha has electro-magnetic powers so it will rotate if kept between copper coins. In case if in a 7 mukhi rudraksha 2 extra lines are carved even then it will rotate but will have power of 7 mukhi and not of 9 mukhi.

Unnatural Cut
In fake beads made by carving extra lines you will find unnatural cuts along with natural cuts. These unnatural cuts are mostly straight and do not have branch as in natural face. Study each mukh/cut/face individually with magnifying lens.

One should take extra precaution in buying 1 mukhi kaju rudraksha, Gauri Shankar, Trijuti and higher mukhi Rudraksha ( 10-21mukhi) as they have more demand than supply and are faked in many cases by carving extra lines, by gluing two or more rudraksha together or making from fiber.


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