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17 Mukhi Rudraksha (with Lab Certificate) Size: 24.58 mm

17 Mukhi Rudraksha (with Lab Certificate) Size: 24.58 mm
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17 Mukhi Rudraksha (Origin: Nepal)

  • According to Katyayani tantra this rudraksha is ruled by Goddess Katyayini, said to be the powerful incarnation of Shakthi who blesses her devotees to live a healthy, wealthy and prosperous life. Katyayini worship is mainly meant for women to overcome marriage delays, for improving relationships with their spouse to avoid disputes and misunderstanding. Maa Katayani gives all the four attainments of life –Dharma, Arth, Kaam and Moksha which are the four pillars in one’s life.
  • Its Ruling planet is Saturn, a slow moving planet that takes 30 months to move from one rashi to other. Saturn delays the things in one’s life. Based on karmic deeds it sets boundaries to what we can and cannot achieve in present life. During dasha of Saturn it shows one the truth and reality of life due to its nature to teach through karmic laws. Saturn in 7th house or its aspect on 7th house or its conjunction with Venus or 7th house Lord in horoscope is one of the prime reasons for the marriage delays or sometimes no marriage in case Navamsha chart is also not promising.  If Saturn is not well placed in Lagna Chart or D-10, one has to work very hard without deriving equivalent gain. Saturn gives fear and depending on nakshastra, degrees, ascendent, in conjunction with moon makes one fear in dark, in conjunction with mercury  can give speech disorder and shy behavior, in conjunction with Sun can give trouble from Government, in conjunction with Ketu can make one run away from one’s responsibility in life. So it is very important to pacify Planet Saturn. 17 mukhi rudraksha is believed to pacify the malefic effect of Rahu, Ketu and Saturn, making it very important bead in Kaliyuga. For the similar reason it is used to pacify the malefic effects of Kaal Sarpa Dosha and Sade-Saati. It is advisable to wear this bead in combination with 7 mukhi.
  • Wearer of this rudraksha is blessed with immense fortune, sudden wealth and fulfillment of all materialistic desires. The wearer of this Rudraksha is blessed with success, improved memory, awakened kundalini and increased wealth.

Click here to view / verify certificate on IGL website. Online Verification code 45496LNRD

Rudraksha is energized prior to dispatch. Rudraksha will come with free metallic capping with beautiful silk thread. (Metallic caps are put at the top and bottom of rudraksha. Wire is passed through center of cap and loop is made at the top to which thread is tied) 

Rudraksha shall be dispatched along with lab certificate within 3 business days of receiving order/payment. We shall dispatch Rudraksha by Blue Dart courier service. In case blue dart services are not available to pin code mentioned in shipping address, we shall dispatch by Speed Post.

Same Rudraksha along with Lab Certificate as in Photo shall be send.



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