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Emerald Natural 5.59Ct

Emerald Natural 5.59Ct
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Emerald Panna is a precious gemstone. It is green in colour and represents the planet Mercury in Vedic Astrology. 

Mercury represents our ability communicate with others. It represent our logical thinking and to take action towards desired goals. Mars is one’s will power, self-confidence, ability to fight through task and hurdles one run into his/her life.

Mercury can be weak in a horoscope due to its placement in its sign of debilitation (pisces) or in another sign which is not friendly towards it, due to aspect/conjunction from one or more than one malefic planet in the horoscope, in specific nakshatra and various other factors. When Mercury becomes weak in a horoscope native may see less good results related to the significances of Mercury.

If such weak Mercury is working as a natural benefic planet in a horoscope, some extra strength can be provided to such weak Mercury by wearing Emerald to increase positive vibrations on/from Mercury.

Day of wearing: Wednesday (7am to 9am)

Wear it in little finger or as a Locket.

It shall be dispatched along with lab certificate within 24 hours / 2 business days of receiving order/payment. In case it is required to fit in an adjustable ring (similar to as in above photo) or locket we shall dispatch in 5 to 7 working days. We shall dispatch by Blue Dart courier service. In case blue dart services are not available to pin code mentioned in shipping address, we shall dispatch by Registered Post.

Same Gemstone & Lab certificate as in Photo will be send.

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